Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology (IAB)

Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology (IAB)

Director:  Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Mazinani
The faculty members of the IAB have effectively contributed to pave the way to solve the problems and meet the needs of the country through implementing the following mission-oriented projects and various research projects in the area of agricultural biotechnology:
•    Oil Plants Biotechnology
•    Olive Biotechnology
•    Pistachio Biotechnology
•    Wheat Biotechnology
•     Sugar Beet (Viral disease; BNYVV)
In line with implementing its research projects, the IAB collaborates with other universities in the framework of internship or conducting M.Sc. theses and Ph.D. dissertations. Furthermore, the IAB independently holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. courses in Agricultural Biotechnology.
1. Plant Molecular Biotechnology
 Head: Dr.
Kasra Esfahani

 Research Interests
    Development in Crop Plants
    Environmental Stresses in Crop Plants
    Biotechnology Application in Oil Plants
    Detection Methodology for GMOs
2. Plant Bioproducts
Head: Dr.
Vahid Shariati
Research Interests
    Study the metabolic pathways in medicinal plants for production of secondary metabolites with emphasis on Phenolic and phenolicasid compounds
    Production of recombinant proteins in plants with emphasis on oral immunogens
    Designing and construction of novel plant expression vectors
    The use of genomics and metabolic profiling to identify key genes for engineering of  seconeary metabolic pathways and production of improved tissue or whole plants                      
    Introduction of efficient plant platforms for production of recombinant proteins               
    Production of recombinat proteins with emphasis on oral vaccines in plant systems     
    Design and construction of novel plant expresion vectors

3. Animal Biotechnology
Head: Dr. Morteza Daliri
Research Interests

    Animal Reproduction Biotechnology
    Pathobiology and Disease Control
    Animal Nutrition Improvement
    Study of Animal Stem Cell
    Production of Transgenic and Knockout Mice
    Molecular and Immunologic Methods in Diagnosis of Pathogens
    Study of New Generation Vaccines

Human Resources

Full Professors: 6
Associate Professors: 6
Assistant Professors: 9
Research Assistants: 7
Post-graduate Students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.): 50

    Development of stress-resistant cultivars in crop through biotechnological solutions
    Production and development of new medicines` technologies based on medicinal plants and recombinant proteins
    Identification and application of superior livestock breeds for enhancing the production and for rapid and on-time diagnosis of common livestock diseases; development of optimized protocols for livestock nutrition