About South Africa

About South Africa




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South Africa overview

Land surface area

1 220 813 km2

Key economic sectors

Mining services and transport, energy, manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture


Total: 60,14 million

Male: 30,75 million (51,1%)

Female:29,39 million (48,9%)

Official languages

English  /  isiZulu / isiXhosa / isiNdebele / Afrikaans / siSwati / Sepedi / Sesotho / Setswana / Tshivenda / Xitsonga


Rand (ZAR) – 100 cents equals one rand.


GMT +2 hours


Constitutional multiparty, three spheres - local, provincial and national government


Pretoria (administrative)

Cape Town (legislative)

Bloemfontein (judicial)

The Constitutional Court is located in Johannesburg.


Eastern Cape         Free State          Gauteng

KwaZulu-Natal       Limpopo            Mpumalanga

Northern Cape      North West        Western Cape



Excellent roads, rail and air facilities (both domestic and international).

Public transport in major cities include the Gautrain between Johannesburg and Pretoria, and the Bus Rapid Transport System in major cities.


World-class infrastructure. Internet access is widely available. There are five mobile (cellular) networks.


Top-quality public and private healthcare is available throughout the country. Malaria precautions are necessary in some areas.

Source:  Statistics South Africa’s Mid-year Population Estimates, 2021






Location of South Africa


Coat of arms of South Africa.svg.png

Capital: Pretoria (executive), Bloemfontein (judicial), Cape Town (legislative)

Largest city:    Johannesburg

File:Flag of South Africa.svg

Coat of arms of the Republic of South Africa:

the motto, elephant tusks, the ears of wheat, the shield with human figures, a Knobkierie and a Spear, a Protea flower, a Secretary bird with its wings expanded, a rising sun.



Cape Town - Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa, colloquially named the Mother City. The second-most populous city in South Africa, is famous for its harbour, Table Mountain and Cape Point. It is the most popular international tourist destination in South Africa.



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South Africa is a popular tourist destination, and a substantial amount of revenue comes from tourism. Numerous mammals are found in the Bushveld (a sub-tropical woodland ecoregion) including lions, African leopards, South African cheetahs, southern white rhinos, blue wildebeest, kudus, impalas, hyenas, hippopotamuses and South African giraffes.



Johannesburg - By population, Johannesburg is the largest and wealthiest city in South Africa. Called Africa’s economic powerhouse, this city is also the largest economy of any metropolitan region in Sub-Saharan Africa.




South Africa is known for its ethnic diversity and with 11 official languages. Often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Nation’, South Africa is home to a fascinating mix of citizens.