Our Visions and Our Missions


Biotechnology Development Center, a Provider Of a Complete Support Chain In The Development Of biotechnology and Value Production, Including The Creation of the necessary bases for the creation of wealth derived from biotechnology knowledge, based on Islamic and Iranian culture and civilization, responsive and competitive on a national scale, region And will be universal.




The Biotechnology Development Center is in line with the five-year vision document, and in order to sustainably increase the effectiveness and efficiency of research and technology, the realization of the following missions is its core mission:

1. Establishment of biotechnology development system

2. Encourage and encourage faculty members  experts and graduates of the research institute in order to establish institutions or technology units in the field of biotechnology

3. Orientation to knowledge-based companies and institutions active in the field of biotechnology with comparative advantage

4. Provide high value-added services and develop a knowledge-based economy

5. Increase the competitiveness of the center and established technology units

6. Identify the needs of start-up technology units and consult them in order to raise the level of capabilities of these units